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VM® brand tactical footwear combines excellent protection with unrivaled functionality. The shoes are made of natural, ground materials such as Nubuck and Velor, which ensure maximum comfort and convenience for the user. Thanks to the natural upper materials used, you can be sure that your feet will be in a healthy and pleasant environment without allergic reactions and unpleasant health problems, often associated with shoes made of various artificial materials.
We believe that VM® tactical boots will not only protect you, but also provide you with the comfort you need during your demanding work situations.

Desert boots VM Manchester

Price: od 82,20 EUR  incl. VAT

Intervention boots VM Blackburne

Price: od 91,40 EUR  incl. VAT

Tactical boots VM Neapol

Price: od 95,80 EUR  incl. VAT

Tactical boots VM Milano

Price: od 103,80 EUR  incl. VAT